User Registration 360 & SSO

User Registration 360 & SSO

• K-CMP 360
• K-IDM 360
• K-Analytics 360


The User Registration 360 & SSO service allows us to collect information from users who register to our application either via mobile, web or external platforms.

From a conceptual point of view, there are two modules, the User tracking module integrated in the clients of the different platforms and the "Streaming Collector" module of the server. The main advantage of this scheme is that the data received from the client are configurable, but they use the same protocol, obtaining maximum flexibility and simplifying its implementation.

The whole set is optimized to reduce the number of calls from client to server and to minimize the response time of the server.

The User Tracking System is prepared to support the wide variety of devices and platforms that currently exist, and also to support future ones that may appear.